Achate von weltweiten Fundstellen

Island agates and other worldly agates

Dear collectors and agate enthusiasts,

This week I cut agates for a good friend. 
Normally I never do something like that. Simply because I don't want to take responsibility for stones that don't belong to me. 
But the collector had complete confidence in my abilities, so I made it as an exception. 
I'm also asked very regularly if I want to do commission salesand for several years now I've always declined, for the same reason, as I don't want to be responsible for things that don't belong to me too.

The pieces turned out very nicely and you can see them as always in this week's YouTube video. It's worth staying tuned, especially for the last agate. :)

On the website you will find new top agates from exactly these locations that I have edited in the video: Coyamito, Aouli, and "Island" agates
There is also a new most expensive agate on my website, after another beautiful Coyamito eye agate sold for €2500 earlier this month.
I've had the newest piece for several years and is one of the best and largest facial agates I've seen from this location so far, with eyes formed from pseudomorphs! 

From July 12th to 14th I am represented at the Agate Days in Lwowek in Poland with beautiful agates in the exhibition and very cheap agates with a stand if you would like to see me in person again. 
Unfortunately, there hasn't been an open day so far this year, and it probably won't happen again until the end of the year. 

Have fun looking at the new pieces, 
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