Die Schönheit der Steine

The beauty of the stones

Being the first to look into an inconspicuous and still closed agate ball and seeing the beauty hidden inside is an unbelievable feeling. The more beautiful the stone, the greater the joy after the cut!
Ever since I was a little boy, I've been interested in dinosaurs, rocks, and geology. My love for glittering quartz minerals, which I often found on long hikes in the Alps, quickly developed into a greater interest in its microcrystalline brother, agate. Due to its unbelievable variance, in colors, shapes, bands, and all the other small details, due to which one can distinguish all agates from each other, I quickly got a great enthusiasm, which I can't get rid of since then.
I was particularly fascinated by the brightly colored agates, but also by the process of turning a rough stone into a finished collector's item. So I had the opportunity to cut my first own agates with a special saw during a school internship. I still enjoy it a lot more than a decade later. A lot has happened in the last ten years. I had the opportunity to travel to many sites myself to see the situation on the ground and to talk to the locals and share experiences. Of course I always brought along some nice agates.
I was one of the first to make Chinese agates of very good quality available to western collectors. I was also one of the first to correctly describe the local sites in the literature without just using the trade names. Also, there is probably no one else who has such good agates from Malawi as I do. A few years ago I established a partnership there, in which we can find the beautiful agates far away from any civilization together and make them available to collectors worldwide.
Another focus of my travels is northern Mexico, where some of the best agates in the world can be found, but also some of the most expensive. The funding effort is enormous and the costs for dismantling are extremely high. My other travel destinations in the past have included Mozambique and Morocco. Again and again I get pieces from rare localities or very old pieces from old collections. Just visit the Shop to view the entire selection of our high quality collectibles.
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