Achate aus Europa + Türkei + Lwowek

European Agates + Mineralshow in Poland + Live Show

Dear collectors,
Dear friends,

It does not happen often that I can offer good quality agates from central European countries.
While in many other countries worldwide, there are commercial mining operations for agates, in Central Europe there are not really any official agate dig sites. So you know every single piece coming from Central Europe has been found with the passion of an individual collector and has been found or dug by hand.

On the other hand, since it is all happening on a relatively small scale it also means that overall less high quality agates are available, for a lot of collectors in the market who want them, and that in addition to European agates overall having a worse yield on cutting compared to most other places worldwide. So it's definitely a toughie to get good European agates for those reasons. 
One way to get some beautiful pieces is through my live show this Sunday. 
Just follow this link and join me also to see some beautiful Australian, Dryhead and other worldwide agates this weekend at the Live show!
Most really good European agates are only available through good and well maintained connections, or through liquidations of old collections. 

The next journey takes me to Poland. In two weeks, there will be the Lwowek Agate Summer 2024, which is a lovely show. Some of my best agates will be on display in showcases and made visible to the public. In my booth, I will mostly be showing affordable agates from African countries and my mining operations there. :)

In this week's YouTube video I have been cutting agates from the thunderegg location Nowy Kosciol in Poland. 
I have ca. 100lb of this material available, if you would like to cut some yourself. 

On my website, you can see some of the central European agates I have prepared for my website inventory, as well as some of the most incredible agate specimens from Turkey!
At my live show this Sunday you can also see more agates from the Czech Republic, Poland and Bulgaria!

Wish you all a great weekend,

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